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King Mickey (Who's true name is Mickey Mouse) is the ruler of Disney Castle. He traveled the world trying to defeat the forces of Darkness, which he did a good job at, but due to his recent encounters with Riku, he discovered that the powers of Light and Darkness are balanced and should not exist. He has appeared in nearly every Kingdom Hearts game to date. King Mickey is also the inventor of the Gummi Ships.

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Kingdom Hearts: Lost Cause Edit

Kingdom Hearts: Tears of Destiny Edit

In Tears of Destiny, King Mickey was Kidnapped from Toon Town by The Phantom Blot  and taken to The Wasteland, a land of Disney's forgotten content. He is trapped there, fighting a one-mouse against the Heartless and the Phantom Blot.When Roxas arrives there, it allows Mickey to escape, and he then joins Roxas's party and continues to fight against theHeartless

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King Mickey

King Mickey, King of Disney Castle.