Organization XIII
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Axis (Later Xerg)


Major Antagonists

First Appearance

Kingdom Hearts: Tears of Destiny

Organization XIII are major antagonists in Kingdom Hearts: Tears of Destiny. They are comprised of thirteen Nobodies who wish to use the power of Kingdom Hearts to become whole beings.

Members Edit

I. Axis

II . Xerg

III. Xinder

IV. Lox

V. Dix

VI. Xegabon

VII. Haxor

VIII. Xaron

IX. Xelda

X. Xaldyx

XI. Marluxan

XII. Dorxin

XIII. Xora

Formation Edit

Organization XIII's leader, Axis, stumbled upon the research of a man named Xehanort. The man had become a Heartless, and his Nobody had taken the name of Xemnes. Axis took Xemnes's research of Kingdom Hearts and decided to fufill Xemnes's goal: to use Kingdom Hearts to become human. He searched out other Nobodies, and formed Organization XIII.