Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is Walt Disney's first cartoon character. He was first introduced in 1927, and his legacy lasted until 1943. Then, Mickey Mouse was introduced by Disney in 1928, though Oswald cartoons were still being produced until 1943. In gaming, Oswald's latest appearance was in the 2010 RPG, Epic Mickey, for the Nintendo Wii. In Epic Mickey, Oswald lived in a forgotten world, dreaming to be loved by Walt Disney. When he got Yen Sid to lure Mickey into the Forgotten World, he became a twisted villain who was trying to get rid of Mickey for good. In Kingdom Hearts: Lost Cause, Oswald has a similar purpose. He wants to kill King Mickey and his friend, including Oxus, and wield Mickey's Keyblade for himself. But, unknown to the other villains, Oswald truly wants to conquer the world and make the Heartless his own minions, as well as kill Mickey.

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