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Anthropomorphic Green Hare



First Appearance

Kingdom Hearts: Lost Cause

Latest Appearance

Kingdom Hearts: Lost Cause

Oxus is a anthropomorphic green hare that slightly resembles DeMille from the GBA game Tomato Adventure. He weilds the Keyblade, The Kingdom Key Unlocked.


Oxus first appears in Kingdom Hearts: Lost Cause. In the beginning of the game, Oxus's family was living peacefully in the town of Kheyl when Oxus was a very young boy when the Heartless invaded the town. After a day of hiding, Oxus's family found themselves trapped in their house, complete and total carnage going on outside. So, seeing it necessary, Oxus's father snuck outside with baby Oxus to try and get him out of town and in a nearby forest, where it was safe. Unfortunately, five Heartless confronted the father and son and young Oxus's father was forced to give his body and soul up to the Heartless. Nothing has been heard of him since. Oxus was left alone in the woods. Frightened, baby Oxus started to cry. The crying attracted a rouge hawk, which then snatched baby Oxus to feed to it's children. Luckily, the hawk dropped Oxus into a hollow tree.

   Oxus spent many years in the tree, befriending animals and learning how to defend himself against the Heartless. The Heartless had turned the once peaceful town of Kheyl into their region's main community. They still needed to defend themselves, so they fed off of the local wildlife. After the Heartless ate one of Oxus's deer friends, he discovered that he must get out of the woods. So, in an effort to escape, young Oxus walked. He walked to the ends of the world and farther. Oxus walked until he came across a huge castle.

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Oxus can perform many attacks with his Keyblade, Kingdom Key Unlocked and most of them that Sora, Riku, and Roxas can perform. Oxus can also perform Keyblade attacks with his psycic ability, Heartbreak. Heartbreak is an ability that causes Oxus to connect to the almost dead, re-incarnated Sora's soul inside his heart and Sora's magic inside his Keyblade. Oxus's heart breaks, causing Sora's to come out of the seemingly empty shell and help Oxus control his Keyblade with his mind and psychic magic. However, this ability can cause Oxus to wear himself out in some cases and Kingdom Key Unlocked might lose some energy temporarily, as could Oxus himself, so the ability should be used sparingly. Without his Keyblade, Oxus is very agile, meaning he can run extremely fast and perform wall jumps.

Oxus 3

Oxus holding up his Keyblade.

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Oxuss's sprite for KH: Lost Cause.