The Phantom Blot
The phantom blot






Leader of the I.N.K. Cooperation

First Appearance

Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot

Latest Appearance

Kingdom Hearts: Tears of Destiny

The Phantom Blot is a mysterious and shady Disney villain. He appears as a major villain in Kingdom Hearts: Tears of Destiny.

Personality Edit

The Phantom Blot's personality varies greatly throughout the course of the game. At times he is a comical villain, sometimes mocking and sarcastic, others cold and calculating. Regardless of his constant mood swings, he is extremely intelligent.

Role in Game Edit

The Phantom Blot is not seen for most of the game, but it is revealed he has been pulling many strings. He had organized Mickey's kidnapping at the beginning of the game, and many of the Heartless who Roxas had thought worked for Maleficent actually were working for The Blot. He is the second to final boss, before Xerg.